The History of Kennel Trophy 


I come from a home where we always had dogs. Since 1970 each member of my family had their own miniature poodle - 2 blacks and 1 apricot.

When I bought my first own poodle in 1984 - an apricot dwarfpoodle bitch: CH. Aconite Golden Lady Merian (Sandy) (1984-2000). I could not dream about that few years later I had a small breeding of poodles. In 1987 I've got a black dwarfpoodle bitch: CH. Karinelund's Born-to-be-a-Beauty (Beauty) (1986-1993).

I started with obedience and agility. First the plan was only to get Sandy showed in exhibition - so she could have her first litter. But it turn out to be different.......

Sandy had only 1 litter - In September 1991 I bought another apricot dwarfpoodle bitch: MultiCH. Aconite Golden Wild-Dream (Dreamy)(1991-2004) who became my foundation. Primary in the years 1992-1995 Dreamy was showed for exhibition and in May 1993 she became Danish Champion (DKCH) as the second Danish bred/owned apricot dwarfpoodle bitch ever.

And in June 1994 Dreamy was the first Danish bred/owned apricot dwarfpoodle ever who became International Champion (INTCH).

In April 2001 I have got my first homebred International Champion: my male apricot dwarfpoodle DKCH INTCH SCH KLBCH LCH FINCH NORDCH KBHV01 Trophy's Golden Crack of Dawn (1995-2009) - a great moment to me.

Since 1987 Kennel Trophy has breeding apricot and black dwarfpoodles - since 1993 I have concentrated my breed of apricot dwarfpoodles only. In 1998 I've got my first homebred toypoodle bitch.

I have only a litter every 2nd year because I want to keep my breeding as small as possible and still have the quality.

After a break for almos 12 years from the shows, I bought a new apricot female Sifix Astonishing Alabama (Gucci) in 2014.

And she became DKK Breed Winner 2015 (The most wining Dwarf poodle in the Danish Kennel Club 2015)


Anne Ørholt Nielsen.