The History of Kennel Trophy

I come from a home where we always had dogs. Since 1970 each member of my family had their own miniature poodle - 2 blacks and 1 apricot.


When I bought my first own poodle in 1984 - an apricot dwarfpoodle bitch: CH. Aconite Golden Lady Merian (Sandy) (1984-2000). I could not dream about that few years later I had a small breeding of poodles. In 1987 I've got a black dwarfpoodle bitch: CH. Karinelund's Born-to-be-a-Beauty (Beauty) (1986-1993).


I started with obedience and agility. First the plan was only to get Sandy showed in exhibition - so she could have her first litter. But it turn out to be different.......


Sandy had only 1 litter - In September 1991 I bought another apricot dwarfpoodle bitch: MultiCH. Aconite Golden Wild-Dream (Dreamy)(1991-2004) who became my foundation. Primary in the years 1992-1995 Dreamy was showed for exhibition and in May 1993 she became Danish Champion (DKCH) as the second Danish bred/owned apricot dwarfpoodle bitch ever.


And in June 1994 Dreamy was the first Danish bred/owned apricot dwarfpoodle ever who became International Champion (INTCH).


In April 2001 I have got my first homebred International Champion: my male apricot dwarfpoodle DKCH INTCH SCH KLBCH LCH FINCH NORDCH KBHV01 Trophy's Golden Crack of Dawn (1995-2009) - a great moment to me.


Since 1987 Kennel Trophy has breeding apricot and black dwarfpoodles - since 1993 I have concentrated my breed of apricot dwarfpoodles only. In 1998 I've got my first homebred toypoodle bitch.


I have only a litter every 2nd year because I want to keep my breeding as small as possible and still have the quality.


After a break for almos 12 years from the shows, I bought a new apricot female Sifix Astonishing Alabama (Gucci) in 2014.

And she became DKK Breed Winner 2015 (The most wining Dwarf poodle in the Danish Kennel Club 2015)




Anne Ørholt Nielsen.

Kennel Trophy - Small quality breeding of Fawn Dwarf Poodles in Tune, Denmark

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